• Keep
    taxes as low as possible, while maintain services
  • Spend
    tax dollars wisely
  • Continue
    to promote efficient and effective services and operations
  • During
    budget, continue to be a leader in finding ways to decrease the budget

Quality of Life

  • Continue
    to address speeding on local roadways
  • Oversee
    the completion of the Williamsburg and Huron Community Centers
  • Continue
    to advocate for amenities at RBJ Schlegel Park (formerly South District Park)
  • Promote
    vibrant arts and culture
  • Encourage
    job growth through the economic development strategic plan
  • Continue
    to advocate for the completion of the Huron Natural Area Master Plan
  • Support
    current neighbourhood associations while encouraging more and new residents to
    get involved.

Protecting the Environment

  • Promote
    sustainable and compatible development which preserves open space
  • Ensure
    a continued safe water supply
  • Continue
    to advocate for improved transit in Ward 5, including weekend service
  • Make
    it more accessible to use alternate forms of transportation by supporting the
    Cycling and Trails Master Plan
  • Tighten
    up the tree removal by-law to protect trees loss due to developments
  • Making
    sure we continue to follow the principals of smart growth and building complete